Chowerman is an MC from Essex who’s been making music for a while now, and is part of the Over the Edge collective. Last years ‘Balamory‘ falls squarely into the UK Rap canon; while a track like ‘Antisocials‘ is as grime as they come. His last EP ‘Chow Diary’ continues that mixture of sounds, with Chowerman vocalling a few different types of instrumentals from the underground spectrum.

His latest track is titled ‘Jack Jones’, opting for something that occupies a grey area. It’s not quite drill, not quite grime: the beat – produced by Johnny East – mixes the smooth melodies and percussion of UK drill, underpinning them with thick stabs of bass that feature in most contemporary grime tunes of today.

Chowerman laces the beat with incisive bars that mainly revolve around his road credentials and the importance of getting things done on your own. There’s also the line “looking out for babylon, like big tit porn” – which to be honest, has to be an early contender for the funniest reload bar of this year. Razor – who at this point needs no introduction – comes through with a quick guest verse, spitting a few memorable lines like “been alone / but never been lonely” and “boys in the wild / like Mowgli.”

Overall, ‘Jack Jones’ is a great track. It’s a good example of two MCs crafting diss bars and hype talk with flair, relying on the expression in the voice and cadence rather than beating you over the head with obvious wordplay. The beat is a win, too. Just like Manga St Hilare‘s ‘Outsider’s Prayer‘ from last year, it proves that drill doesn’t have to be some world ending threat to the status of grime, and that the two can be mixed to create good music. This is the first track from Chowerman’s forthcoming EP – if the final project hits like this one does, we can’t wait to hear more.



Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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