Ex Roll Deep member Manga Saint Hilare will probably tell you he wasn’t the most known member of the crew by his own admission. Since adding the Saint Hilare suffix to his alias, he’s crafted a growing back catalogue that has a pointed identity with his music and the art direction, merch and videos that surround it. That pointed approach has made him stand out over the past few years, with consistent tracks and projects that have continuity, proving that grime can be packaged to its loving audience just as well as genres that are seen as being more polished.

His latest is the first track from his forthcoming project, produced and featuring a hook by Cas Jones. It picks up from where Manga’s last work left off, as he drops nuggets of insight covering independence, cultivating a craft and the general toll of being an outsider. The bars are spat with an croaked delivery, lending an extra atmosphere to the track. Cas Jones drops a drill flow for the hook, over a beat that remixes some classic grime sounds with the more current piano riffs you’re likely to hear across rap and drill. It’s a nice meeting in the middle of grime and its newer cousins, proving that there’s no need for our big genres to be so intensely segregated into opposite rooms.



Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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