Cammy Riddim Watch

Cammy Riddim’s flame continues to burn. My picks from July are Renz, Griz-O, Chowerman, Eklipse, Vader, Chiedu Oraka, Dubz D and Koj. Jammz and Duppy also released versions, each remixing the beat and putting a fresh spin on proceedings. Duppy’s track is a highlight, a near four-minute fireball of intense flows, breathless lyricism and a switch-up a minute and thirty into the tune, where he finds another gear and sends the energy into the stratosphere. Elsewhere, Blay dropped the devil mix of the original beat, so between the remixes and devil mix, it’s clear there’s still room for new interpretations. Tap into the vibes here.

Manga Saint Hilare – Kendall & Kylie (prod. By Freeza Chin)

Another month, another tune from Manga: this time produced by Freeza Chin and titled ‘Kendall & Kylie’. It’s a takedown of energy vampires, with Manga stressing the importance of keeping close ones near later in the track. It’s all delivered with a healthy dose of style and pattern, and Freeza Chin’s beat is made up of metronomic synth rhythms: bright, bold and vivid, they tick-tock from the speakers and allow Manga to spit the work in the pockets in-between.

Jus Rival ft. Joe Fire – G.M.S (prod. By Spooky Bizzle)

Jus Rival and Joe Fire previously collaborated on ‘Dangerous Settings’ back in February. Here, they expand the sonic thread with ‘G.M.S’, spitting with plenty of finesse over a dub-influenced beat characterised by rich brass fanfares, tumbling bass and echo-drenched airhorns. Dub and reggae-influenced grime is a great way to honour the genre’s influences without being too derivative, and importantly, it sounds hard. All cylinders are firing on this one. 

Frisco – We’re In Control (prod. By Cairns Hill)

Frisco returns with ‘We’re in Control’. Produced by Cairns Hill, it’s a masterclass in delivery. Frisco fluidly switches between a loose, more contemporary drill style to the direct grime flows he’s known for across the verses, detailing his life growing up over a set of militant drums and airy vocal samples. It’s further evidence that collaborations between grime emcees and drill/rap producers are fertile ground. Turn this one up.

p1Caps – Hulk Hogan Freestyle (prod. By whYJay)

July sees Manchester’s p1Caps drop ‘Hulk Hogan Freestyle’. It’s a motion-blur spray out, with lyrics flowing from every corner like a dam ready to burst. p1Caps details a life lived in working-class areas, spitting punchy wordplay as the track continues. Everything’s delivered over a bouncy refix of a mid-2000s classic, which producer whYJay flips from chart-friendly radio sounds to skippy, grime madness. Energy upon energy, here.

Dapz On The Map – Contingency (prod. By Swifta Beater)

Dapz On The Map’s latest single — ‘Contingency’ — deals with staying focused. Over a lush flute riff and some clattering rhythms from Swifta Beater, Dapz fires off expression flows, reminding himself he needs to stay on point and lamenting where he could’ve been if he’d kept on track.

Jakebob – Mothership

Jakebob’s latest reimagines an early post-hardcore classic by Enter Shikari. If, like me, you spent your early teen years searching for the heaviest music possible: you’ll enjoy this one. Where the original is a mash-up of blast beats, rave synths and guttural vocals, Jakebob’s version is a delicate, melodic piece of mood music. Think Prince Rapid making ambient music, and you’re halfway there.

Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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