Reece West ft. Flirta D, Double S, So Large, Bruza & Kozzie – I Did (prod. By Kid D)

‘I Did’ places tone above flashy lyricism. Reece West, Double S, So Large and Kozzie flex their road legitimacy and microphone dominance, which could sound tired in lesser hands, but each emcee attacks the beat with unwavering confidence. Their delivery brings the senses to strict attention, which, coupled with Bruza and Flirta D’s idiosyncratic mic approach, means that ‘I Did’ is a slow-burn grime tune that emits one long, continuous screwface.

brbko ft. Jawnino – BONSAM B3SU (prod. By brkbo)

‘BONSAM B3SU’ is the latest single from brbko. Formerly known as PK Brako, he’s since picked up the mic and changed his artist name; this track featuring Jawnino and released via the NTS WIP artist development scheme. In the hook, he asks: ‘Is there a demon in my brain, or is it the demon giving me brain’, eventually spitting double-time flows over synapse biting white noise and roof shaking bass; attempting to purge life’s distractions from his psyche. Jawnino delivers his verse on a similar vibe, all parts converging to create a hauntingly catchy grime tune with a healthy disdain for tradition.

Chowerman x Razor – Levitiating (prod. By Scrapper)

Weed songs could fill a few pages in the annals of grime. ‘Levitating’, released on 4/20, is Chowerman and Razor’s entry into the canon. The two lace a booming drill beat with zippy flows, funny one-liners, guttural delivery and barbs at false warmongers; a standout track from two of the scene’s brightest young talents. The whole thing is a vibe throughout, and the grime meets drill fusion feels like a fresh take on the genre.

L Dizz x Snowy – Showers (prod. By GoldTeeth)

L Dizz is a spitter from Sheffield with a few singles under his belt, and his latest single, ‘Showers’, sees him go back-to-back with Nottingham’s Snowy. They approach the beat like an exhibition between two football freestylers, juggling lyrics in short bursts and kicking back to each other before repeating the process all over again. It’s oozing with energy, proving that passing the mic and spitting high-quality bars never goes out of fashion.

D Power Diesle ft. Kyze – Cold As Ice (prod. By Efflex)

Veterans collide on ‘Cold As Ice’, the latest single from D Power Diesle and Kyze. The first single from the forthcoming “Graphene, Vol.3”; it’s an ode to the ladies and Diesle’s reputation with them, as he laces an Efflex production with plenty of swagger. Kyze’s weighty flow compliments Power’s rapid spitting, and Efflex’s rippling lead patch feels like a signature sound at this point.

Silencer ft JME – Matrix Nokia

Another veteran link-up, as Silencer and JME come through with ‘Matrix Nokia’. The tune shares its name with a piece of technology from bygone years; JME uses the name as a jump-off point to tell stories from his early days making beats on Fruity Loops, roller skating sessions with his friends, intercutting the stories with hooks and light jabs toward unnamed emcees.

Manga Saint Hilare ft. Capo Lee & P Money – Man Know (prod. By Jakebob)

Manga connects to his listeners with relatable lyricism about his inner journey and personal growth. But on his latest single, ‘Man Know’, he surfs a crashing instrumental like a champion wave rider, presenting a double-pronged declaration of his ability and longevity. P Money and Capo Lee provide guest verses, meaning ‘Man Know’ rocks the speakers and then some.

Low End Activist ft. Emz – Get Get

Producer and DJ Low End Activist drops the debut single from his forthcoming album “Hostile Utopia”, linking up with Bristol emcee Emz. ‘Get Get’ features throbbing rhythms and chiming melody riffs that sit low in the mix, with Emz’s stream-of-consciousness flows about his everyday life and experiences gliding over the top. It produces a continuous head nod, dripping with the steely-cool vibe that sound system music from the U.K does so well.

Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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