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Kyeza & GYRO! – DreamWORLD

“DreamWORLD” sees two underground talents link up for a collaborative EP. Kyeza, the talented yet underheard emcee from Nottingham and GYRO, a rising producer who’s caught the ears of DJ Oblig over the past couple of years. ‘TREDDIN’ is a volcanic burst of eski clicks, molten-hot one-line flows and brain-scrambling, pitch-bent bass lines, while Kyeza details the dualities of road life over nimble melodies and weird samples on ‘LOST’. The back half of the EP features instrumental cuts. ‘GALAXY’ is driven by clap patterns and one mean melody line; the final track ‘G WAY’ closing out “DreamWORLD” with bouncy percussion and synth madness. The two artists elevate each other through collaboration, producing some of their best work over the five tracks. Hopefully, we’ll hear more from these two in the future.

Adam R & Efflex – Purpose Volume 1

On “Purpose Volume 1”, the beats of Adam R & Efflex provide the sonic backdrop to several voices and artistic approaches. ‘Dinner Time’ — featuring Joe Fire — comes fully loaded with a theatrical hook and breakneck spitting, and ‘Wild’ — featuring Snoopa — switches between guttural delivery and melodic verses. Two tunes united by the way they revel in expression. Elsewhere, Ozzie B and Tintz collide for ‘Don’t Watch Me Like’, telling their stories and styling out on the microphone over speaker wrecking bass patterns. Stand out track ‘Chrome’ sees Slickman Party bring ice-cold verses to a banging instrumental, proving that dancehall swagger over grime beats is an unrivalled approach to the genre. “Purpose Volume 1” is eight tunes deep, so there is plenty of music to sink your teeth into; grab the EP for top-level barring and production.

Earthspin Recordings – Flexing

The Earthspin Recordings crew unite for “Flexing”, a four-track EP based around oozy sonics. Kalorific’s ‘Pink Slime’ is built around a burly rhythm section, with stretchy bass and lead riffs providing the garnish. Laizu’s ‘Shifty’ switches between spring-coil bass action and intoxicating melodies, while Mr People’s ‘Perky’ combines low-end power with eerie vocal melodies. Dullah Beatz closes out the record with ‘Oopz’. This tune’s been doing the rounds for a while, a speaker breaking joint where melodies whizz and whirr across minimal percussion. All four tracks on “Flexing” go hard

JT The Goon – Blatant Energy

JT The Goon returns with “Blatant Energy”. Stand out track ‘Forces Of Time’ is a slow burn of atmospheric pads, intricate synths and biting drums, and the arrangement gives you a chance to appreciate JT’s skills when it comes to writing melodies. Soaring melodies? Check. Deep bass lines? Check. Epic soundscapes? Check. “Blatant Energy” features all the trappings of a JT The Goon record, a style he’s perfected to the tee and becomes more enriching on repeat listens.


Russian producer IAMSPACESURFER delivers “Glider”. Title track ‘Glider’ blends super sheened bass lines and wobbling square patterns, while ‘May Flower’ features bubbling drum patterns and lush synth work that recalls early Jammer and Exemen.

DJ Scope Boy G – GMMHB EP

Brazilian DJ and producer DJ Scope Boy G drops the “GMMHB EP” via his Bandcamp page. Standing for ‘grime makes my heartbeat’, the EP is three tracks long, with the opening track ‘Enchange’ built around low-end ripples and militant percussion. Title track ‘GMMHB’ features labyrinthine square riffs, while EP closer ‘DJSBGStyle’ is a barrage of bass and mangled samples. Stripped back and functional, the tracks here could make for potent club tools.

Gesher – Gesher 2.zip

Gesher returns to I Am Grime for his first release since 2020’s “IAG004”. “Gesher 2.zip” sees the producer free up four instrumentals from his archive, and according to his Twitter, a warm-up for a forthcoming album. ‘Back In 06’ is a head-spinner teeming with a mix of brass, strings and samples; ‘Hey Okay’ leads with judgement-day synth patterns; and ‘Stonkers’ is pure screw face business. ‘Unhappy Slap’ ends the EP on a high note, a heady fusion of grime and baseline. Gun fingers up high when this EP hits the speakers. 

Kush Jones – DROPS

Kush Jones’s latest EP, “DROPS”, is a four-tracker that switches between 140 & 160bpm. ‘SINE LIFE’ blends spiky melodies and minimal percussion for an ode to classic grime, while ‘YUEH CHIN RIDDIM’ features plucked yueqin riffs and rising melody lines. Icy synths make ‘KRYSTAL PACKS’ one to remember, but ‘FAKING THE PHONK’ takes the standout, a grime-flavoured 160bpm beat with shuffling basslines and jittery synth patterns.

Mr Peoples – Smokey

Mr Peoples’ latest EP, “Smokey”, is a hard-hitting and energetic dose of instrumental grime. Title track ‘Smokey’ blends high-speed percussion, crisp melodies and HD bass stabs that light up the speaker, while EP closer ‘Sinister’ packs a punch with warping low-end and ominous choir samples. Elsewhere, ‘Digits’ and ‘Grounded’ are war dubs for fellow producers Hitpoint & GroundHummm. ‘Digits’ deploys 8bit melody riffs and choppy strings; ‘Grounded’ is comprised of dizzying synths and weighty rhythms. Grab “Smokey” on March 31st for unlimited heat.

Drumterror – Beyond The Crystal River

Sub Merchants boss Drumterror lands on Infernal Sounds with “Beyond The Crystal River”. Here, Drumterror blends sax riffs, crisp percussion, foundation-shaking bass and crystalline melodies, resulting in a powerful record with plenty of nuance and depth.

Felix Dubs – Seventiez

“Seventiez”, by Felix Dubs, is a three-track EP with ultra-smooth vibes. ‘Akai’ mixes trappy rhythms with velvet-like sax riffs; ‘Cobbles’ deftly chops up vocal cuts and muted brass melodies; while the EP’s closer and stand out track ‘Own’ is a dreamy R&G cut that tugs on all of the heartstrings. 

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I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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