Chowerman x Owlybeats – Beats N Bass

As individuals, Chowerman and Owlybeats are potent. Together, they’re a force. ‘Beats N Bass’ is built around a melodic sample and heavy percussion, giving Chowerman the launchpad to deliver boiling-hot lyrics, transmitting his brash energy on set to recorded format with ease. Sometimes, quick-fire bars and heavyweight production is all you need.

AKA AFK x Lolingo – Trabalho

Another month, another grime cultural exchange. This time, AKA AFK and Lolingo collaborate on ‘Trabalho’. The beat, immediate and high-energy, is peppered with bass lines from the depths and distorted guitar riffs. AKA AFK loads the clip and empties it all over the hard-bodied canvas. It’s been cold out this November, but Brazil to U.K. grime linkups stay providing heat.

Fernando Kep x NMS – Visao Sem Leme

Keen eared U.K fans will have seen Fernando Kep feature on East Man’s “Prole Art Threat”. This month, he releases ‘Visao Sem Leme’, a hard-hitting grime tune released in collaboration with producer NMS. It’s dark, weighty and full of rumbling low end, ticking all the boxes for a high-quality grime tune.

Mr Peoples – Wiseguy

Mr People’s ‘Wiseguy’ is available to grab on SoundCloud. Driving percussion lines and labyrinthine melodies make up the first few bars, with the track switching up into heavyweight drum shots and brain-twisting riffs for the next section. It’s energetic and rapid-fire, perfectly primed to melt down speakers everywhere. 

Slick – Vision / Timeshift

Slick is a London-based producer with a show on Subtle Radio. November brings two fresh cuts from his Bandcamp page, titled ‘Vision’ and ‘Timeshift’ respectively. Technically, both tunes are drill instrumentals, but the percussion lines on the former and the dark synths of the latter lend themselves to a context where the two genres can blend in together. Genre hair-splitting aside, ‘Vision’ and ‘Timeshift’ bang, two screwface inducing joints with plenty of texture to boot.

Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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