Snowy – SIRIUS

Snowy has presented a bleeding-edge take on grime through a batch of singles over the years. His latest record — titled “SIRIUS” — brings it all together over a six-track EP. Here, blunt force bass lines are bent and manipulated, while Snowy’s intense flow rises and rises like a tide that refuses to go in. ‘All That Matters’ is the best example of this, while ‘Proper’ plays around with classic one-line flow techniques. Stand out track ‘Team’, featuring FLYD4T and Kyeza, pierces the speakers with sharp jabs aimed at fake friends and rent-a-gobs. ‘Reckeh’ bucks the super-dark sounds with a bouncy UKG beat, but it’s geared more at blacked out 100 cap clubs than sweet champagne and designer clothes. Overall, “SIRIUS” showcases a forward-thinking take on grime by mixing classic tropes, great emceeing, and thunderous instrumentals.

Grandmixxer – Screaming Versions (ft. Mez & Faultsz)

Grandmixxer’s ‘Screaming’ was finally released in 2019 after spending years as a sought-after dub. The instrumental — made up of one evil bass riff, foundation-shaking percussion and, well, bone-crunching screams — elicits both intense gun fingers and a wry smile. There’s something morbidly funny about a track that uses scream queen style vocals as its melody line. “Screaming Versions”, like the instrumental, has been knocking around for a while now, and it features Mez and Faultsz, each providing their own take on the beat. As you’d expect, both versions are exhilarating grime bangers, where both emcees spit molten-lava lyrics, contorting their delivery like origami experts and somehow managing to turn up the excitement dial from eleven to twelve. Grab “Screaming Versions” for maximum screwface armoury.

Nammy Wams – Tekisse Music

Exciting producer Nammy Wamms continues his hot streak with “Tekisse Music”. At six tracks long, the EP picks up where “Paradise South” left off, packed full of grime and drill hybrids that sound great as standalone instrumentals, could easily accommodate a daring emcee, and exist in a larger context as forward-thinking electronic music. Tracks like ‘Skid’, ‘Suspense’, and ‘Lamelo’ teem with interesting textures. ‘Razorlight Type Beat’ features ‘Ground Zero‘-esque background synths that flicker in and out of the track, an example of past sounds being repurposed into something new. Finally, stand out track ‘Yella’ features a biting synth line that hits the speakers and modulates among the melodies around it, zapping the brain in all the best ways. Grab “Tekisse Music” to hear a real-time example of a producer crafting a signature style.

Vexxy – Anxiety

Neo-grime and wave fans will be familiar with the music of Vexxy. If that’s not you, then his latest EP, “Anxiety”, is a perfect way to get acquainted. Here, metallic sounding riffs stamp their way through each track, backed up by rib shaking percussion hits. Stand out track ‘Grimace’ feels primed for both emcees and stand-alone instrumental vibes, while EP closer ‘Outside’ is on an atmospheric tip with soaring melodies, pitched vocal samples and mangled samples. Grab “Anxiety” for a nice mix of club power and introspective production.

Crooked Sound – Stories Of The Unknown Traveller

Keen eared underground heads will have heard Crooked Sound’s beats on the #SampleDat section of the I Am Grime radio show. Hailing from Belgrade, his debut Bandcamp release “Stories of The Unknown Traveller” is a three-track mixture of jazz and grime. Muted trumpet riffs glide over cavernous basslines, watertight drum fills, and dissonant sounds being chopped up into sound system ready instrumentals. Grab “Stories of An Unknown Traveller” for inventive sampling and beats made to get lost inside.

Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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