Reflec – Switch

Technology improves over time, yet the eski pack still prevails. It’s a tough one to crack: when a simple cut and paste job won’t fly, how do you bring a fresh vibe to such a well-trodden area? Reflec is a producer known for releases on techno labels like Lobster Theremin, and on his latest EP, “Switch”, he answers that question by anchoring strong rhythms to a palette of warped eski sounds. Opener and title track ‘Switch’ is driven by meticulous clap patterns and rumbling kicks, the latter giving the tune a robust feel. ‘Chambers’ and ‘Scorpio’ gain power from their fuzzy lead lines, with Reflec modulating the background elements to give each tune vitality. Elsewhere, ‘Rituals’ and ‘Sleep’ push the EP into weird territory with a sea of dizzying effects-laden sounds, while ‘Peppermint’ closes out “Switch” on a surprisingly meditative tip. Overall, “Switch” shows how modulating, panning, and rhythm can add so much to a producer’s arsenal and give tunes some serious depth.

Jon E Clayface, Ten Dixon & Rhimez – Hold This

I’ll confess: the strand of hyped up delivery from emcees has turned me away in the past because, at times, it can veer too far into shouting and fall apart a little. It’s a personal thing. “Hold This” caught my ear, though, because Jon E Clayface, Ten Dixon & Rhimez mix the hype with control, some genuinely hilarious bars and a stack of crazy beats. It makes “Hold This” the type of music that’s wholly disinterested in any mainstream pandering, and when it comes to grime, that’s always a huge plus. Standout track ‘Circular Freestyle’ is full of impact from the jump: Ten Dixon jabs at the critics, Jon E Clayface spits with venom and Rhimez aims at the false prophets of grime. The instrumental — produced by 301Circular — is as dark as they come, mixing moody bass lines with uncanny melodies. Elsewhere, ‘Top of the Scene’ and ‘Hold This Skeng’ are the type of musical organised chaos vocal grime does so well; while the line about posing like the pink ranger on ‘JEB1 Freestyle’ deserves all the reloads. Stream “Hold This” for great emceeing, a varied approach to delivery and great beat selection. 

HITPOINT – Detached

Spanish producer HITPOINT is a relatively new name to instrumental grime, and he’s prolific too. His latest EP – titled “Detached” – is the second of three drops to his Bandcamp page this June, using rolling synths, winding bass lines and ominous melodies to inject the grime template with sounds that conjure up images of mystery and suspense. Opener and stand out track ‘Detached’ is driven by a modulated bassline, while ‘Car Boot’ is a little more club-friendly, featuring booming percussion and lots of pressure in the low-end. Closing out the EP is HITPOINT’s remix of ‘Do What, Do Where’ by Crafty 893, placing the original tune in a new, spaced out concept. Grab “Detached” for a spectral take on grime.


Russian producer Moscow Legend explores an unflinching, club-focused strand of grime through his music and his label UNITED. The label’s latest release consists of two heaters by way of the U.K. and Russia, as he teams up with Real Tears to release a split EP on UNITED. Real Tears’ ‘Paimon’ opens the release: a four-minute ride of intense clap patterns, head-scrambling bass shots, mangled samples and a couple of brain-melting synth patterns. Moscow Legend’s ‘Everblasting Bass’ continues on the same tip, leading with metallic synths, jittery vocal cuts and, well, everblasting bass. The aim? Soundsystem pressure. This record delivers that in abundance. 

V/A – Dug Out Dubs, Volume One

The majority of Dee Oh 7’s output has been based around in-house talent Slowie and $H The Producer, but for “Dug Out Dubs, Volume One”, the label has brought together an array of grime, dubstep and drill producers for a seven-track instrumental compilation. My picks went to Sertee’s ‘Flight Mode, an effervescent and delicate take on drill; Beanzo’s ‘Twilight’, a twitchy synth workout; Jakebob’s ‘King Arthur’, an understated melodic grime excursion, and Mr Skandal’s ‘Gladiator’, which is pure radio weaponry. There is no concept required for “Dug Out Dubs…”, just seven tracks of instrumental fire and brimstone for the heads, DJ’s and instrumental enthusiasts

V/A – 1FFNG006 (Funky & Garage)

Leeds based label 1Forty is a dedicated flag bearer for underground sounds whether they’re popping in the mainstream or not. “1FFNG006” – or Funky & Garage, if the catalogue number is a bit of a mouthful — is the label’s latest release, and the concept is simple: five producers, three instrumentals and one vocal. Kobe JT and Lyrical Strally’s ‘On My Way’ paints a picture of the after-hours journey home, while the heavyweight squelch of ‘IMSONORF’ makes it the standout track. Stream “1FFNG006” for hot weather vibes and big basslines.

Katogo – Ellie / Dat Ting Der

Refixes are all about putting sounds in a new context, and with “Ellie / Dat Ting Der”, Katogo places chopped up Ellie Goulding vocals into a club-focused mood. ‘Ellie’ leads with plush vocal cuts, smooth bass lines and animated rhythm patterns, while ‘Dat Ting Der’ feels drenched in end-of-night euphoria with whirring synths and expertly arranged vocal samples. Grab “Ellie / Dat Ting Der” for an interesting approach to bootlegging.

Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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