Capo Lee, Frisco, Shorty & JME – Baitest Sound

‘Baitest Sound’ feels special. Four big-name emcees on a single record are rare, and this one lives up to its prestige line-up of artists. Trappy basses and metallic synths are the backdrops, with Capo Lee, Frisco, Shorty and JME trading bars over the top. Stand out verse goes to JME as he delivers a potted history of his journey. If all this wasn’t enough, Skepta produced the track, and there’s an EP dropping March 6th. Fire.

P Money x Silencer – Trouble

P Money and Silencer never seem to miss. Their latest single — titled ‘Trouble’ — is all skippy rhythms and triumphant strings. P Money lets off war bars, tells a bit of his story and celebrates grime in one fell swoop, the type of grime music that hits you like a whirlwind.

Dutchie Limao x Razor – Bad Manors (prod. by A15)

‘Bad Manors’ is a melting pot of rap, drill and grime; the combination of Dutchie Limao’s deep flow and Razor’s biting grime style playing off each other, as the two recount life and their experiences over a smooth yet still weighty beat. The sax sample really shines through here, adding a touch of melody to the warped basses and heavy percussion.

Bruza x Silencer – Pick It Up

The second tune by Silencer to be featured in this piece is ‘Pick It Up’, a collaboration with grime OG Bruza. ‘Pick It Up’ isn’t as skippy as ‘Trouble’, but there’s no intensity lost, the pared-down approach working for Bruza’s lyrical approach. Bruza’s spitting about picking up the mic again, and it’s a welcome return from one of grime’s most distinctive voices. Let’s hope there’s more in store.

Proc Fiskal – Thurs Jung Yout

Proc Fiskal’s latest tune – ‘Thurs Jung Yout’ – is the first drop from his forthcoming EP “Lothian Buses”. The track builds on the style of his previous records: intricate melodies that ring out, eventually coming together to create a fever dream of sound.

Fork and Knife x Hayz – Techski

This one’s hype. ‘Techski’ is the latest tune by Fork & Knife and Hayz, courtesy of Reloaded Sounds. The two mine the Eski sound-pack, but instead of going for the usual rehash, they amp up the intensity for a track that should be a club banger once everything is back to normal.

Invader Spade – Mornings

Invader Spade’s latest track is a free download on Bandcamp titled ‘Mornings’. A gorgeous slice of R&G, it’s based around a pitched-up sample and some dreamy melodies.

TIME94 – Echo Chamber

TIME94 is a producer from Greece who’s had previous releases on labels like Plasma Abuse. This track, titled ‘Echo Chamber’, is up on his Bandcamp page. Defined by twitchy synths and heavy drums, it’s a grime banger I can see a few emcees tearing apart.

Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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