When grime music reaches its highest point, it carries with it an intangible science. An energy that can’t be defined via streams or hard data. Something that although hard to explain, it is felt in the deepest pit of the stomach. It happens here when Logan Sama lines up a beat for Skepta; all gunshots and dissonance and then Skepta goes blind and the reload ensues. It pops up again on this set with Flowdan, Riko and Gods Gift, Flowdan effortlessly barring while Gods Gift lets off a simple ad-lib that adds a whole load of depth as the former goes into the next sequence of bars. 

It’s this kind of energy that makes grime so great. Strong lyrical content is important – I’ve written about plenty of tracks that get across messages with their bars – but sometimes a meeting point of energy between the emcee and DJ or emcee and producer goes a long way into making an exceptional grime track. 

PK is an emcee who made his name as part of YGG and through a steady output of solo work over the years. His latest track – titled ‘Om-Buckle’ – is produced by Silencer, an overall motion-blur of energy. 

The two ride the wave of this intangible science. Silencer’s bass lines throb; while his drums skip along to anchor the record in a peak-time rave setting. PK’s delivery switches from gravel-thick one-liners to extended runs of lyrics and the two elements combine, creating this continuous stretch of effervescence that doesn’t take any time to slow down. Even Silencer’s production tag – the one from that version of Pow – is placed in the exact pocket to add its own bit of effervescence to the track. 

Overall ‘Om Buckle’ isn’t really about anything deep, but that doesn’t matter. Sometimes two artists lock into a groove and produce something with feeling. On this track, PK and Silencer have done just that. 


Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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