Music is released and consumed at a lightning pace these days and the process of listening can often be akin to watching films. You listen to the album or track once, enter the race to give a hot take online and seldom come back to the music once the initial wave of hype is over. When P Jam released Nando’s Riddim last year, he brought back back some of the organic buzz, by building excitement for the track through radio play before releasing it to the masses with a fresh vocal and a new instrumental on vinyl. A contemporary grime instrumental with old school marketing tactics, the classic grime approach to making the fans wait has paid dividends, as Nando’s Riddim is still played out on sets a good five months after its release.

It’s an unquantifiable statistic, but we reckon about ninety percent of the grime scene have vocalled this at some point, so it’s a wonder why such a popular instrumental hasn’t garnered a few version excursions now that anyone can get their hands on it. Luckily we have to wonder no more, as JoSoSick has released his version on streaming services.

JoSoSick is a spitter who’s been at it for a bit now, putting the hours in on various radio stations, his notable recorded releases coming in the form of ‘Best Know‘ and ‘Top Darg‘. This version of ‘Nando’s Riddim’ was technically released back in October – a spontaneous freestyle video hosted on ISN Network – which features everything from boxing coverage to music videos. This is the official release, the track coming to Spotify and Apple Music.

JoSo keeps his vocal in line with the mood of the original, a relentless shell off tailor made for raves and festivals. It’s a short, sharp burst of energy, as he bobs and weaves in between P Jam’s ear worm melody. He sends shots to potential microphone opps, speaks on the effect of career milestones like Outlook Festival and throws in a few funny one liners for good measure. Overall, it’s a great vocal of a great track, we hope more MCs throw their hat in and do a version so the buzz around ‘Nando’s Riddim’ can continue long after its original release.



Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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