The year has been kind to Big Zuu. His ‘We Will Walk‘ EP dropped earlier this year, and the vibes have been on a steady supply ever since. When he isn’t tearing up beats, he’s on the radio providing the newest grime and spitting over jazz records. It’s no matter of luck. Zuu has been plugging away at it consistently since last year, adapting his high energy style into a signature sound that can be recognised a mile away.

For his latest single he’s teamed up with Sevaqk, Mazza and LD for ‘Came Up’. The beat, produced by Sevaqk and Mazza, opens up with delicate keys and pulls from sounds heard in the UK Drill beats of today. LD kicks off the track, lamenting the fact his life isn’t on track the way he’d like it to be. As the verse unfolds he checks off tour dates with Skepta, while touching on how the last year ended badly for him. He signs off the track with optimism, telling us how he said he’d return to the music game in a big way. Big Zuu is up next, taking up the majority of the track with two verses and a hook. He weaves chest puffing brags with inspirational content deftly, cycling through a number of topics at sharp pace. He’s singing on the hook, something that seems to be his secret weapon of late, and it gives the track that extra edge. Mazza swaps the buttons for the booth, turning in the last verse with waved out bars that add to the melody.

Grime, drill and UK Rap are often separated and seen as wholly different genres. To an extent they are, to ignore the subtleties of each form and lump them in as one would be a disservice to the quality of each. Came Up’ is a good example of three artists from separate genres coming together to create a hybrid track where each spitter can bring their own style to the table.


Posted by:Ryan Moss

I'm the sole founder, editor and writer for The Art Of Grime. I love grime and want to push all the sick artists doing things at the moment.

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